Bags Hand-Crocheted from Plastic Bags.

How the Recycled Bag Lady Got Started

Twelve years ago a friend gave me a bag made from plastic bags as a gift.  I was intrigued and inspired as I love products that support the environment by reusing discarded materials.  More than eight years ago I asked another friend to teach me to crochet and help me find a pattern to use for the bags I wanted to create.

The first year I created about 50 bags to give as gifts for family and friends.  They gave me input on how the bags worked, and I made adjustments based on their advice.  Since I loved to make them, I decided to make them to sell and the business was started.

On a whim I entered some of the bags in the Arlington County Fair and won the prize for best in the crochet category as well as four other ribbons in other categories.  The theme that year was the environment. 

Since that time I have made more than 1000  bags and love doing it.  I like finding new plastic bags to use and have found that the best gift a friend can give me is often their recycled bags, especially unique ones.  By making the bags, I have kept more than 38,000 bags out of the trash cycle and transformed them to another use.

In 2017, I started making kitchen scrubbies out of the plastic net bags used for produce.  While I don't include them for sale on the site, they are available to purchase at craft sales, or directly from me.  

I look forward to the day when my business can no longer exist because stores are no longer giving plastic bags away, and we have learned to take our own bags whenever we go shopping.

If you have any questions about the business or the bags, please let me know.