Bags Hand-Crocheted from Plastic Bags.


Each regular sized bag is made of approximately 35 grocery store size shopping bags.  They are extremely durable and will hold more weight than you probably want to carry.  They are also machine washable, although I wouldn’t put them in the dryer.

When I finish crocheting the regular size, they are about 9.5 inches high, 8.5” in diameter at the bottom and 12” in diameter at the top.  The handles are about 15 inches  in total length.  After they have been used they will stretch, usually about 2-4 inches in bag height, and the handle will stretch another 1-2 inches, allowing it to be carried as a shoulder bag.  The stretch depends on the type of bags used.  In many of the bags, I have used slightly heavier bags on the bottom, which helps the bags retain the more cylindrical shape.

Those listed as heavier, probably won't stretch more than three inches and the handles may not stretch enough to use comfortably loaded as shoulder bags. Those listed as soft and stretchy will probably stretch the full 4 inches.  Many of them now have special

NEW!  Due to requests, I have added larger bags to use for such things as beach bags.  They are 10 inches in diameter at the bottom and 16.5  inches in diameter at the top.  The handles are about 16 inches in total length.  These bags will also stretch downward with use, and probably in the 3-5 inch range.  

I have added cross-body bags, wine bottle bags, and kitchen scrubbies to my inventory.  If you are interested in them, please contact me.  In addition, I usually have more colors of bags in stock, but I'm not sure I will be able to get more bags of the same color to make new ones, so I don't put them on my web site.  If there is something you'd like that you don't see, be sure to contact me about it.

I usually use number 2 plastic bags, but occasionally add in some heavier ones for the brilliant color that is only found in those heavier bags. Since I am dependent on the bags I can find or that are given to me, the designs and colors I can produce are limited.  The plastic does not lend itself to intricate designs, although horizontal stripes work well, and I often mix small bits of color in for added interest.  Additional design is created by how I use the printing on the bags.  Creating the plarn—plastic yarn—takes more than half of the 15 hours it usually takes to create one bag.  The bags are cut by hand with scissors and hand-tied together to create the plarn.

Some bags from the local high volume stores are easily found and usually available.  Others I may save for a year or  more until I have enough to create a bag.  While some may look similar, each is a unique design.  Bags with stripes, more intricate designs, or those I rarely find, cost extra as they take longer to make.

If you would like a different size or a design that you don't see under products, please use the contact form to let me know what you would like and I'll get back to you with possibilities.

I often use store names in the description to indicate where the majority of bags in the new bag have come from.  This is given because customers may be familiar with the store bags and their color.  It  implies no endorsement by the company of my bags, nor any endorsement by me of the store or its products.

If you live in the Metro Washington DC area, you could arrange for a "Bag Party" in your home.  Just contact me to work out the details.